The solider

I was riding my horse as fast as I could. The enemy chasing me so they could take the life flag away from me, quick recap the emperor in his dying breath he gave me the flag with a scroll to the gods and he also gave me sick enchanted armour that’s over a thousand years old! The armour give the person who was wearing it special fighting abilities. The symbol on the flag means life which is cool and when at the middle of the earth I need to put the flag there, don’t know why and don’t know how. Cool fact this is the only version of this armour! Back to the story, I have a English heritage but I fight for the Japanese against the Chinese. I realised my horse got shot and died I got bucked of in a bush and I screamed, “ AAAAAHHHHH!” I was in a bush and I couldn’t see or hear. I got a item of my head and it was a chicken! I threw it and said, “stupid chicken.”  A bunch of Chinese soldiers surrounded me “ Bring it on.” I said to them. One guy ran towards me so I grabbed his arm and broke it and he passed out. The Chinese didn’t look happy…

The drive

I was bored. I sat in the car waiting and waiting, I said, “ Are we there yet.” Dad had got annoyed because I said it for the past hour and a half. He said, “WE ARE NOT THERE!” I replied, “ Sheesh

don’t get your nickers in a knot.” He sighed and mum said “Look a furry possum.” As we went past it in the car. We finally got to the mountain and the vehicle climbed slowly while  mum was putting on music. We slowly got to the top of the mountain and when we got there dad said, “ Now all we got to do is go back.” I yelled.

Chaos and Destruction part 2

It’s been two years since the city had blown up a, war head out broke and they would build statues of the good soldiers that have fallen I was living in tree house ever since the explosion. I was in my tree house when I herd a knock, I pulled out my baseball bat with nails through it. I said, “ Who is it.” A man appeared and it was Jacob a guy who told me all of the latest news in this rubbish pile. I told me there was a collider that could turn everything back to normal so we set of as we were getting there we saw a statue of a solider I said “he was a good man”.

chaos and destruction part 1

It was like a normal day. My mum asked me to get some groceries at the shops and the streets were busy. I looked at my watch and it was 5:45, I ran because dinner was supposed to be ready at 7:00. I ran saying to the people, “ excuse me.” And “ coming through.” I ran to a guy, “ which way is the shops.” I panted. He pointed at the shops and so I got the groceries and went home. I was siting at the dinner table we were eating dinner and a building blew up. 2 years later the city is destroyed and there’s no hope.

The wild and wacky world

I was sleeping in like any other Saturday, My pillow as soft as a marshmallow and my bed feels like a flower. Wait my bed doesn’t feel like a flower I opened my eyes and I saw a clown looking strait in my eyes and I found out I was on a flower and my pillow was a marshmallow. The clown said, “ welcome to the wild and wacky world of madness.” I said, “ I didn’t realise they could fly!” chickens were getting milked by other clowns and cows laying eggs in a coup. I knocked over a wall and It was a set up the guy filming and the sound guys look surprised they said, “ surprise…

the wild

I ran as fast as I could not looking back. My clothes torn and withered from all the stuff that I’ve been through, the tiger coming after me must be really hungry because he runnin’ fast. I saw the biggest tree I had seen, without thinking I climbed up it with my ice axe. The tiger ran away thinking I was still running. I noticed that what I was climbing was not a tree but a massive memorial thing! I quickly grabbed out my hunting bow with one of the million arrows and drawn it. I fell into a brick and a door opened.  I went in and saw this golden totem, I couldn’t wait but I checked for traps but there was none. I grabbed it and ran as fast as I could out there. “ I’m gonna be rich.” I said to myself.

The hurricane

It was a bad day, it was storming and the news said that it would be a category 5 hurricane. I was sitting on the couch watching the news then suddenly I looked outside and it was bad and houses were fly everywhere. The windows shattered and the walls was getting  unsteady by the second, the walls cracking like glass and the ground was shaking. I ran outside before it was to late. I saw anther person on the edge of a cliff which use to be a road I helped him up and he told me to stay close to him. I nodded and we ran to this underground basement. A flash of light, then, darkness. He turned on a light and said, “what are we going to do.”

zombie apocalypse

I screamed. The zombies had found my friend Aidan and me. So if you are wondering why are they running from zombies, Well let’s start at the beginning. There is this place called S.T.E.R.K labs and they made a serum that could make any human really strong and fast. What they didn’t know is that it had side affects. The creator was very wistful. The zombies are very wrinkled up and dark green. So that is how we got here. Aidan said, “run for your life!” we bolted to our escape raft with two oars. By the time we were on the water Aidan and I looked back. We saw a zombie with a mushroom growing on his head. I said, “ Rule number one, run for your life.” We suddenly burst into laughter…

the dark house

So I went to the park with my friends and their names are Aidan and Allyson. We had fun and we saw this old creaky, black house.  Aidan suggested that we should go in the house as a joke. Allyson shouted “WHAT! Not in a million years, right Nate.” I replied “Did the house get TALLER.” They turned around and was shocked we closed our eyes to blink and I woke up but I had a bag over my head that I could slightly see through. I had rope around my hands and felt something sharp. It was glass, so I picked it up and cut my self free. I took the bag of my head. I saw my friends in the same position so I cut them free. I looked around and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I said in my head “cripes.”

The disappearence



I was so exited for my sleep over. My two best friends James and Aidan were coming over. As they got here our mums done the “adult chat.” We played and had so many fun and wed had pizza for dinner.We went to bed at 10:00. I woke up and James was on the mattress next to me so I woke him up too. We went down stairs and had toast. I said” Do you want Vegemite.” “No”, he said, I like marmite.”. then I realised that there was something glowing It looked like a totem. There was a note that said come find me to find all the people on the world. And I looked at James.