The solider

I was riding my horse as fast as I could. The enemy chasing me so they could take the life flag away from me, quick recap the emperor in his dying breath he gave me the flag with a scroll to the gods and he also gave me sick enchanted armour that’s over a thousand years old! The armour give the person who was wearing it special fighting abilities. The symbol on the flag means life which is cool and when at the middle of the earth I need to put the flag there, don’t know why and don’t know how. Cool fact this is the only version of this armour! Back to the story, I have a English heritage but I fight for the Japanese against the Chinese. I realised my horse got shot and died I got bucked of in a bush and I screamed, “ AAAAAHHHHH!” I was in a bush and I couldn’t see or hear. I got a item of my head and it was a chicken! I threw it and said, “stupid chicken.”  A bunch of Chinese soldiers surrounded me “ Bring it on.” I said to them. One guy ran towards me so I grabbed his arm and broke it and he passed out. The Chinese didn’t look happy…

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